Wintery table setting

Hello and a Happy New Year!

For 2020 I decided to start my journal of all the blooming things I create and photograph. I had done that I while back, but due to lack of time and sometimes even a bit of laziness, I had stopped. It is also easier for me to share my work this way than continuously update my website with the latest projects.

A little information about me: I am not a writer. You will most likely notice this right now or in the upcoming posts. I'm a more visual person.

I love creating all kinds of floral installations, beautiful settings for various occasions and I love photography.

I will be posting a mixed collection all those things and most likely things that inspire me and hopefully inspire you.

My first post will be about the beautiful wintery table setting that I worked on with the sisterMag team.

Check out their winter issue 2020, it is out right now!

Hope you enjoyed this and keep on checking in for all the new things that will happen this year.



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